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The Best Bank of El Salvador: Global Finance , Aprill 2015.

2015 Innovator in Transaction Services "Banco Agrícola a Friend" and "Friendly Banker": acknowledged by Modelo de Corresponsales Financieros e Inclusion Financiera, April 2015.

Award For Being The Bank That Supports The Most The Salvadorian Industry: ASI, May 2015.

Salvadorians Favorite Bank, XXV National Brands Poll: The Economist Magazine, May 2015.

First Place in Student Loans Placement Backed by Salvadorian Guarantee Fund: BANDESAL, June 2015.

Powerful Brand in "Top Of Mind And Usage in Central America And The Caribbean": Estrategia & Negocios, July 2015.

"Best Bank In El Salvador 2015" (Mejor Banco de El Salvador 2015) in 2015 Excellence Awards: Euromoney, July 2015.

The Bank Preferred By The Consumers, XXVI National Brands and Services Poll by LPG Datos: The Economist Magazine, August 2015.